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   Welcome to DAKSON
DAKSON Merchant Ltd, as part of a group with an international vision, provides a set of merchant banking services operating as a independent global advisor and financial engineering partner to institutional investors and government corporations providing innovative solutions to finance and realize their projects.
About Us

Dakson Group provides a full range of services from asset management to in-depth investment advisory services. With the international presence and reach Dakson Group has built up strong alliances with established firms who rely on us for first-class professional services. Our portfolio of global clients provides us with thorough business intelligence regardless of the nature of business. The team of qualified professionals works closely with clients to provide tailored and cost-efficient service.
Because we are independent, we are able to offer a broader pool of public and private investment advisory services. Dakson offers access to unique alternative investments as well as innovative services.  We utilize first-class investment products in the marketplace whenever appropriate.

Our investment advisory services are innovative, strategic and timely and offer clients more sophisticated approaches than traditional investment strategies together with a wider range of investment choices as well as the deployment of proven risk management tools.
Merchant Banking Services

Strategic plans and reviews, producing business plans, providing consultative studies and performing high quality due diligence are essential merchant banking services and will be provided on a ‘stand-alone’ basis or in conjunction with other custom services. These services will also focus on assisting the establishment and consolidation of local projects that include mainly the Real Estate and Infrastructure Development.
Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering services and structured financing solutions are pivotal to the attraction the development of projects. We introduce a number of innovative solutions and credit enhancement instruments to support the credit standing of projects.
Real Estate Investments

With over 25 years of combined experience in real estate market, our aim is to be fresh, innovative and professional with a major focus on guaranteed results. Our dedication and expertise ensures that every property we choose is designed to net the maximum return on the investment. Whether our clients are just starting out, looking to build their existing portfolios or looking for complete financial freedom, our team are on hand to help safeguard their financial and real estate future.
Trade Finance

As an independent advisoror, we have the flexibility to work with lenders and service providers worldwide in order to offer access to trade finance services. we provide a comprehensive approach to structuring complex trade transactions for a variety of stakeholders,  assisting companies whose existing bank facilities are unable to meet their requirements.

The  guaranteed transactions of wholesale commodities are aimed  to our controlled and partner companies, offering them the most sophisticated solutions enabling the access in the global marketplace, managing the risk associated to the trading operations developing alternative and custom IHB solutions  in order to meet their goals.
Warning !

Dakson Merchant Ltd  do NOT operate with retail customers.

Dakson Merchant Ltd does not offer its  services to businesses registered in below listed sanctioned countries:
Afghanistan, Angola, Cuba, Eritrea, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libyan
Arab Jamahiriya, Liberia, Myanmar (Burma), Rwanda, Sudan, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Zimbabwe.

Dakson Merchant Ltd
Registered at Companies House UK
Company Nr. 08242270.

(Switzerland Branch)

LEI: 984500DT1F773E7D0570

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